• Dec 29
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  • Dec 24
    How to design the injection screw With the deepening of people's understanding of polymer compounds, the injection screw has made great progress. Because the technical performance of the injection screw is the key to achieving excellent injection plasticization performance, it is particularly important for the reasonable design of the injection screw. This article analyzes the main technical parameters of the injection screw and the relationship between the main structure and technical performance, and puts forward the principle of determining the main technical parameters of the injection screw.
  • Oct 28
    Application of Hastelloy C-276 and Inconel 625 on Screw Barrel Anti-corrosive Screw Barrel Material Choice
  • Sep 18
  • Aug 21
    Benefit of HVOF & PTA Bimetallic Screw Brief introduce about bimetallic screw & how it benefit your polymer process